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Wisdom Teeth/Impacted Teeth

Teeth that are impacted are unable to erupt fully into the mouth, owing to obstruction by overlying bone, gum or adjacent teeth. Impacted teeth are removed as they serve no useful function and may cause a variety of problems such as infection of the tissues around these teeth, cyst formation and damage to the roots of the adjacent teeth. Partially erupted impacted teeth can lead to decay (caries) on adjacent, sound teeth. The most commonly impacted teeth are the wisdom teeth (third molars). They may play a role in contributing to crowding of other teeth – notably the front teeth (incisors).
Impacted teeth are best removed at an early age as the surgery is easier prior to the completion of root formation and healing is more rapid in younger patients.
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Dental Implants

Implants provide an absolute rigid foundation for dentures, bridges and crowns. They are precision engineered fixtures made of high technology, bio-compatible metals.

The Nobel Biocare system (one of the most well proven implant systems in the world), is used in our clinic. For further information

Difficult Extractions

A past history of difficult extractions, or fracture of a tooth below the gum during an attempted extraction, usually requires a surgical approach to remove the tooth or tooth root from the jaw. These are common situations in which general dentists refer patients for oral surgery.

Facial Pain and Jaw Joint Dysfunction (TMJ)

There are many causes of facial pain, but a common condition encountered is jaw joint or Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction which has a range of symptoms and treatment options.

Normally following a course of conservative therapy and if this fails we then proceed on to more advanced procedures.

We provide a full range of procedures and arthroscopic surgical treatment through to total joint replacements using custom-made temporomandibular joints.

With the advances in arthroscopic surgery we are able to manage most of the problems associated with temporomandibular joint disorders including clicking, locking and regional pain associated with this condition.


Physicians and dentists often request the diagnosis of a range of pathological conditions which can affect the mouth, jaws and those structures which are related to the mouth and jaws. After clinical examination, to establish diagnosis, a biopsy may be undertaken to provide a tissue sample for pathological examination. It is usually possible to perform a biopsy under local anaesthesia.

Surgery Associated With Orthodontics

As part of orthodontic treatment, orthodontists often request a number of surgical procedures such as uncovering or removal of impacted teeth, certain soft tissue procedures as well as orthognathic surgery.

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